Graduate Students

Master Students

  • Galia Shlezinger - An Object-Process Framework for Conceptual Modeling of Design Patterns
  • David Amid - Streamlining Requirement Modeling with an OPM-Based Metamodel
  • Alexander Gold - Enhancing Domain Engineering with Aspect-Orientation
  • Zeev Tavor - A Semi-Automated Domain Modeling Approach
  • Arava Tsoury - Representing and Analyzing Variability in Domain Engineering Approaches
  • Ora Wulf-Hadash - Cross Product Line Analysis
  • Inbal Mechrez - Variability Types in Business Processes: A Modeling Perspective
  • Nili Itzik - Automatic Analysis of Textual Requirements Variability: Combining Ontological and Semantic Multi-Perspective Considerations
  • Mark Kemelman - Commonality and Variability Analysis of Software Requirements Specifications
  • Michal Steinberger - Cross Lifecycle Variability Analysis: Utilizing Requirements and Testing Artifacts

PhD Students

  • Eran Toch - Semantics-Based Autonomic Implementation of Information Systems
  • Anat Aharoni - A holistic approach to visual support of situational method engineering activities